Greenbank Company of Archers runs archery classes for people of all ages, abilities and disabilities including autism. The company offers beginners lessons and the opportunity to join the club. There are also opportunities for one-on-one lessons and to practice during quiet times, which is especially suited for those with autism.

Everyone gets a chance to shoot the same distances ranging from 20yards to 100yards at our outdoor shooting range at Parkers Road in Crewe.

During the winter months we shoot at a local school sports hall at 20yards at much smaller target faces.

We shoot indoors from October to the end of April.

During the summer months we shoot outdoors at Parkers Road, Crewe.

From 10am - 9.30pm on a Sunday. On a Tuesday evening and Thursday evening from 6.30pm - 9.30pm.

Full members have access all year to outdoor shooting once qualified after a year.

Our coaches are trained by archery GB and run beginner courses all through the year.

Please contact provider to discuss joining the club and any special requirements.

Helen (Additional Needs Coordinator)

[email protected]