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Cheshire's Mental Health Hub

Mental Health Matters in School

We understand the importance of improving mental health matters at school. And we believe that it is down to education – knowing what mental health is, knowing who to turn to, and knowing that support is available. And while the government tries to put plans in place, your school can already start taking action.

Talking about mental health matters in school is a positive step to helping pupils. They will see that it is not a taboo subject, and that being open about their state of mind is an important step to seeking appropriate help. It's all about education.

A lot of pupils feel embarrassed about their mental health, and some don’t even realise that they are faced with a mental health matter. Introducing mental health onto the school curriculum could help raise awareness and reduce stigma. As a result, pupils will be more forthcoming about seeking support.

Schools also need to provide adequate mental health training for teachers and support staff. If staff can recognise the signs of mental health matters in pupils, they can effectively raise their concerns with both parents and management before the problem grows bigger. 

Pupils need somebody to turn to when they’re in need, and schools have a responsibility to make sure their staff is equipped for dealing with pupil wellbeing. Mental health matters in school will improve if teachers and staff are ready to support pupils. 

Of course, once you have identified a mental health concern, you need to be able to signpost pupils and parents to the right support. We’re not just talking about counselling and professional services. Sometimes a youth group, afternoon activity or even sports can help allay mental health issues.

Mental health matters in school like it does anywhere else. That’s why we are committed to working with schools across Cheshire to improve their mental health support for pupils. 

If you’re a school that would be interested in working with, please contact us today to arrange an informal discussion.