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What’s the difference between a Directory of services and organisations?

We often hear NHS CCG’s say the phrase “Oh we are working on a list of services at the moment” but when that becomes a reality, what we see is a list of organisations. So what’s the difference?

Why is a list of services so powerful?

It enables the service user to find the specific group, class or support structure they’re looking for without having to contact the organisation and ask loads of questions

A sophisticated database of services, categorised by support type and condition, puts the service user first, they’re in the driving seat and they can instantly see everything available.

You can promote specific services, not just the organisation – so you can reach your target audience and tailor the message and the service to them more easily.

You can track the engagement with a particular service and link this to provider performance and impact across your area.

So, next time you think of a ‘directory of services’ – just check what you’re looking at is really services and not the organisations.

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