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Cheshire's Mental Health Hub

Exercise and mental health...

Over the past 5 months i've really got 'into' exercise, not in a bid to lose weight, or even to dramatically improve my health, but to focus on my own wellbeing. I realised, in the midst of a very busy 2017 as we launched this mental health platform, that i was doing nothing but working or looking after my children, which on many occasions, felt like hard work! I found that when I put the kids to bed I reached straight for my laptop and would proudly say how i can "get another good 2-3hours in" after they were asleep.

What's wrong with that?

Well don't get me wrong, i got alot of work done. But nothing else. I didn’t have any time for me, I didn’t feel like i’d achieved anything and instead i could have gone on for hours, days, weeks. So I decided to make a change. I 're-started' the gym, got a personal trainer and realised that when i’m doing exercise i can’t think about anything else, my mind is clear and i’m free from being a mum, being a businesswoman and a wife and i’m just there, focused on the next move, squat or lift! And as soon as I start thinking about work, i get it wrong and I lose my momentum. 

So my ‘out’ is now exercise, I do as much as I can as a form of escapism from work, from life sometimes and it gives me the time to focus on my and how i’m feeling. Which, when you’re a busy person, is usually difficult to do. 

What impact has that had?

It’s had a huge impact. I’m better at work, more efficient and focused, i’m a better mum, dedicated and indulgent and overall more relaxed. So my mental health has been improved as i’m less stressed, less anxious about work and generally ‘feeling better’. 

So…. who fancies a body combat exercise class?

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