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Cheshire's Mental Health Hub

Inspiring our next generation.

I am so thrilled to receive 3 years funding from Children in Need for us to recruit a full time counsellor to support young women 14 – 18 years old.

Mental health in teenagers is on the rise with many attributing factors such as social media, online bullying, academic pressures, the list goes on.

From running Motherwell Cheshire over the years I began to realise the importance of supporting mental health why people are younger. Many of the mums that we support and who are struggling with their mental health have done for many years and the majority since their teens, which highlights the need for early intervention. 

From my experience as a counsellor my observations for a while has been that we need to be building resilence in the younger generation especially as the world is becoming far more demanding and fast paced. We need a generation that can deal with these demands without it affecting their mental health. However for this they will need the right support to guide them through this journey. 

Currently for statutory provision the threshold is so high for people to access support that many who need it as a preventative measure are slipping through the net. My hope is that our Inspire project will bridge this gap. We will be offering counselling and for those that need it we will also offer a mentor to continue the support. 

We named the project “Inspire” as we feel as a team we do that we inspire everyone that enters into our support to believe they can achieved whatever they want from life. We work with them to make sure they have positive relationships with themselves, their family, their peers and the community that they live. 

The Inspire project is now open for referrals for Young women aged between 14 -18 years, who are struggling to manage their emotions , who maybe at risk of self harming, or they maybe suffering low self esteem and confidence. 

We have a facebook page “Inspire By Motherwell Cheshire” And a Instagram account “ Inspire Cheshire”

To make a referral you can email [email protected] or call us on 01606 557666