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Why I don’t ‘do’ new years resolutions

Ok so the clock strikes midnight and we ring in a new year. Maybe we’ve overindulged a bit too much, perhaps we have slept in late and stayed up until the small hours a few too many times over the past few days. And so what if we actually secretly REALLY enjoyed doing so, we deserve to let loose once in a while right? 

Then question comes doesn’t it..a well-meaning friend or family member, drops the bomb, taking us off guard “so, any new years resolutions?” And perhaps we have got changes we would like to make or maybe right now we are simply in survival mode and just getting through each and every day is a big enough focus. 

January 1st the world seems chocca block with motivation, determination and BIG change. And for many simply seeing this can make us want to hide away or drive us to frustration. For me, I don’t ‘do’ new years resolutions for two very simple reasons… we are in the depth of winter, a time for retreat a time for reflection and seeking comfort. A time to continue with feeding our bodies, and our souls with love, good food and light. Taking slow walks in the cool crisp air and cosying up by a warm fire with a good book. It's a time to think about the past, the present and the future for sure, but respecting the time of the season, and working WITH nature rather than against it is only going to make things more difficult for us. And let's face it the dark nights and even darker mornings do not inspire me to get out for an early morning run, but maybe that's just me. 

The second reason is that if I honestly and truly wish to make a change in my life I don’t want to wait until Jan 1st to do it. Change can happen TODAY! Even if that is simply making the decision that tomorrow you will do differently. 

So if you’re not feeling the hype of the ‘New Year. New Me’ movement know that you’re not alone and that's ok. Take the time to enjoy the season. Journal your thoughts, take walks, enjoy a hot chocolate and a good book, make plans and reconnect to your joy, and your dreams. But don’t worry that you’re not feeling the energy just yet to start taking action. Your spring will come.