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VIDEO: Understanding Social Anxiety

Have you ever been faced with feelings of anxiety when around others? It could be when you’re out in public, at a party, or even just at the office. 

This is called social anxiety and it is believed to be the third most common mental health problem in the world today.

Social anxiety is the fear of social situations and social interactions with others. A person that has social anxiety often fears negative judgements made by others in their company. It can have an adverse effect on how you live your life, affecting relationships with friends, family, co-workers and even pure strangers.

Common symptoms of social anxiety can include sweating, trembling, feeling sick, and even panic attacks.

At, we want you to understand your mental health so that you can find the right support. Before you search for anxiety help in Cheshire, we would like you to view this excellent video we found on YouTube that describes exactly what social anxiety is:

Has this helped? We certainly found this video to be extremely useful.

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